CPE Gateway Solutions for

Fiber-to-the-Home Networks

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Smart Home 

Integrated Smart Home Platform
with Innovative Features

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FTTH CPE GatewaysSmart Home CPE
Maj Invest Equity invests in the growth company Icotera Icotera announces launch of an innovative residential GPON ONT for FTTH networks

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Icotera - Intelligent Gateways

Innovative vendor-independent solutions
We are a technological leader in our field, with more than ten years of experience in FTTH CPE gateway solutions. Our hardware and software development is all done in-house, guaranteeing our customers the quality they need. We have proven our ability to adapt quickly and effectively to future technologies, working with customers to provide them with the services they require.

Among others, the benefits of our unique solutions are:

  • Lowest total cost of ownership 
  • Strong hardware platform
  • Ease of installation
  • Vendor-independent solutions
  • Unique built-in Smart-Home platform

Strong European presence
Our FTTH CPE gateway products and solutions are currently supporting the efforts of leading network operators throughout Europe, providing high-speed Internet broadband and content services to hundreds of thousands of private homes via the growing network  of fiber optic cables that are now being...

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  • "Their innovative system is easy to install, looks great and has proven to have a very high lev..."

    Michael Lund
    Operations Manager
    Syd Energi A/S

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  • "Icotera was very competent and turned out to be the only vendor who could deliver to our exact..."

    Nicola Fanous
    Data Network Team Leader
    Orange Jordan

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  • "Together with Icotera, NTE has developed a unique solution for its business segment using the ..."

    Tom André Sandal
    Technical Manager

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